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Hiking in the Cinque Terre

The best way to enjoy the Cinque Terre is on foot! Walking along the mountain side you go through the Mediterranean bush, between the sky and sea! The Cinque Terre is crossed by many pathways. The main trail goes along the coast and links all the villages in five hour walk. There is a more difficult trail on the ridge and another trail to the Sanctuaries.


The mountains descend abruptly to the sea; a path, called the "Sentiero Azzurro" runs along the coast high above the villages. Other walks are lower and close to the shores.


You don't have to hike between all five villages at one time - you can walk part, then do the rest by train or ferry boat. The Genoa - La Spezia railway line stops at each village and ferry boats go regularly to La Spezia, Lerici, Portovenere and Sestri Levante from the villages.


Click map to see larger version of the Cinque Terre hiking map.


More information coming soon!


See Slow Travel Italy: Cinque Terre Hike for more information.

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