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Town of Levanto

Levanto has a long sandy beach, an interesting old center, many delightful painted villas, a bustling Wednesday market, and good restaurants and shops. Enjoying a partcularly mild climate, from here it's easy to visit the fascinating ports of the Cinque Terre, either by train, by sea or hiking. There is a public swimming-pool (but only for Casino' Beach clients) and a diving centre right on the beach. A new port is under construction and it is possible to rent motorboats, pedaloes, canoes, surf board. In fact Levanto is a very good surfing spot and during the right days there are surfers coming from all Europe.


It is also close to main airports, Genoa and Pisa and Lucca and Florence can both be visited for day trips. (Genoa airport 60 km - pisa Airport 70 km). Levanto, of pre-roman origins, lies at the northern end of the enticing little ports of the Cinque Terre, and literally means "the land situated at the east of Genova". Piazza della loggia is a pretty square with a lovely old 13th century medieval Loggia.


See our Levanto videos on www.levanto.net.


  Click for larger image. Levanto, Piazza Cavour

Levanto, Piazza Cavour

Click for larger image. Levanto, Loggia Medievale

Levanto, Loggia Medievale

Levanto, July 25 festivalFestivals

25 July: the feast of S. Giacomo, patron of Levanto. During this day come to Levanto more than 10.000 people from all Italy.

For a list of all Italian festivals, go to www.hostetler.net.


History of Levanto

It most likely goes back to the period before the romantic Era; itís ancient name was Ceula, which appears on a document from the 11th century. It's present name means this town is at "levanter" to Genova. Until 1140 it was Malaspina's Feud, and then Da Passano's. In 1211 it spontanously joined the Republic of Genova, and remained an independant town from 1247 to 1797 living of maritime trade.Thanks to geographical position, Levanto, was able to develop quite easily and move on expecially after the II W.W.


Today Levanto is a famous winter and seaside resort. It has a beautiful wide beach and modern tourist equipment. You can find near the characteristic beach of La Pietra (the rock), the Family Agnelliís Villa, with itís wonderful Park. Levanto has important tourists like Giovanni Agnelli - during 1920 to 1930 it hosted Benito Mussolini. In 1960ís the most popular italian singers played at the Casino Hall.


Things to See

The castle (13th century) and the city walls remain; the remains of the Medieval

Castle in Celasco; the Churches of S.Andrea (1226, consecrated in 1663 and later widen), of Our Lord of the coast (11th - 14th c.), of S. NicolÚ from Chiesanuova (11th c.), of S. Siro, inMontale, (11th c.), S. Giacomo's (16th c), Annunziata's along with its Convent (15th c.), the medieval Loggia (13th c.): the Da Passano Villia (17tK -C.); other very interesting ancient palaces: according to the tradition, the Kingís palace was built by the longobard Liutprando.


Levanto is surrounded by at least 16 little villages built in Medieval Era where you can find remains of the 30 Mills used in order to make the famous Olive Oil.


Levanto Pubs

Levanto has a lot of Pubs: Gambrinus, Vineria, Tre Archi, Mad Max, Cantina delle Sirene, Art Cafť, and a Discoteque: the Casino. They're open from 10.00 pm to 4.00/5.00 am and there you'll find music, and something to drink. The disco opens at 11.00pm and close at 4/5am.


The GAMBRINUS is always crowded due to the fact that it is in a strategic position. It is a classic English Pub. Inside there are a lot of mirrors, wood on the walls, and you'll have you're beer on a barrel.


MAD MAX has some nice graffiti on walls but during hot months there is a very high temperature.


VINERIA is just on the corner of the central gardens and near the Gambrinus. There are a lot of good wines and, if you'll find a free table in the gardens you'll have a nice stop.


TRE ARCHI IT IS A "birreria" (BIERKELLER), just in front of the OSPITALIA DEL MARE, that is a completely new ostel, is made in the ancient part of the town where some century before there was the stockyard: good to have a pizza early in the morning


Levanto surfSurfing

Levanto, 20 km north of La Spezia, is a nice small town with some of Italy's biggest waves. Its vast bay is partly protected on the south side. It takes a big southwest swell to make it pump. Holds up to 3 or 4m especially in the middle of the bay where big left tubes and nice rights make it worth the drive from the Versilia area. Seldom crowded, clean water.


For more information about Levanto, go to www.levanto.net.


See our Levanto videos on www.levanto.net.


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