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Taverna Garibaldi

Via Garibaldi, 57

Levanto (SP) Italy 19015

tel. +39.0187.808098

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The two young owners who run this restaurant with courtesy and a pleasant manner provide wonderful pizza and local dishes. The restaurant is in the just restored Via Garibaldi (a wonderful classical italian "Via" with "fresco" buildings) that offers a breathtaking view - two steps from the ancient Piazza Cavour, 200 meters from the sea.


Rated 8 out of 10 by CinqueTerreOnline

We can highly recommend to you this Restaurant-Pizzeria as one of the best you will find in this area.


"We eated the best damned pizzas in Italy" says Francois Le Pen by email.


"These were some of the best local dishes of the Riviera" a visitor from Brazil told us recently!


"We had our first Italian pizza of the trip at Taverna Garibaldi, and it was the best one" say Pauline and Steve from Slow Travelers on a visit in September 2002.


See more photos of the restaurant and their pizza!


New Pizzas on the menu!

Zuccona: mozzarella cheese, pine kernel, onions, parmisan cheese, pumpkin of Levanto (zucca in italian)


Sgrexa: mozzarella, tomato sauce, onions, sausage (this name is rough to say in Levanto dialect!)



Via Garibaldi in 1901


Via Garibaldi in 2001 - 100 years after


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