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Cinque Terre Weather

The climate is mild, the summer is long and warm. Afternoons are mitigated by the sea breeze of mistral, the winter almost always introduces a mild climate and ventilated, among the sea winds there are: from east/south, Scirocco; from west/south Libeccio, violent and almost cold, but of brief duration. The Grecale wind falls violent and cold and takes back more power in the brief valleys.Usuallly the average winter is around 12-14 degrees. The spring is usually moderate and introduce temperature until 25 centigrades. Autumms according the years can be beautiful or enough rainy.

For weather forcasts and information go to www.meteoliguria.it.


Cinque Terre Climate Chart


Last Winter's Weather

The winter of 2001/02 was a strange winter for us. The Northern part of Italy suffered a drought due to a high pressure area with values not found in the last 20 - 30 yrs. Very low temperatures were registered (from -10C on the plains to -22C on the Sila Mountains). Usually snow and cold are typical of northern east Italy while on the Riviera and in the South there is still a warm winter. In the winter of 2001/02 the situation was overturned and there was snow along Italia Meridionale.


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